Counselling Parents with Intellectually Disabled Children - South Indian Scenario

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Authors :

A Parandhaman1*, R Srilakshmi1 and S Geethalakshmi2

Author Address :

1 Department of Medical Genetics, The TamilNadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Guindy, Chennai-600032.
2 Vice-Chancellor, The TamilNadu Dr MGR Medical University, Guindy, Chennai-600032.
*For correspondence E-mail:

Abstract :

Intellectual disability is a major public health problem today particularly in paediatric population. When a child is affected it is most vital to counsel the entire family. In the current genomics era both pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis counselling are of prime importance. Medical and paramedical teams have to be well trained to effectively counsel the affected families. Intellectual disability due to both treatable and preventable causes results in socio economic stigmata. The need of the hour is to develop strategies at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Sustained efforts are required to instil self confidence in the patients and it is very important to involve the affected family for the successful outcome. The evolution of genetic counselling programs must suit the needs and, must be cost effective and socio-culturally acceptable. The concept of “will to implement and evaluate” must be imbibed in all concerned with the care of the intellectually disabled children. Future genetic research programs will be able to create a stronger platform to effectively manage the intellectually disabled children.

Keywords :

Intellectual Disability, Genetic Counselling, Rehabilitation, Speech therapy.


Article Info :

Received : July 02, 2018; Accepted : August 29, 2018.




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