Accumulation of Nickel in the soil and analysis of physico-chemical parameters of soil collected from SIPCOT industrial complex, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu

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Authors :

Perumal Elangovan1, Kasinathan Amudha2, Frankline Rajan Babu3, Gunasekaran Karuna Sagaran4 and Ramalingam Ramakrishnan5*

Author Address :

1Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar - 608002, Tamil Nadu, India, 2Department of Biochemistry, Sri Sankara Arts & Science College, Enathur, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India, 3Department of Nephrology Associate Research officer, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, 4Department. of Zoology ENVIS, University of Madras Guindy, Chennai - 600025, Tamil Nadu, India, 5*Department of Biochemistry, St. Joseph’s College of Arts & Science (Autonomous),Cuddalore 607001, Tamil Nadu, India.
*For correspondence E-mail:

Abstract :

Heavy metals are bio-accumulated and bio-transferred both by natural and anthropogenic sources. The contamination by heavy metals in plants and water is one of the major issues to be faced throughout the world and requires attention because heavy metals above their normal ranges are extremely threatened to both flora and fauna. Therefore in this study, we have estimated the level of heavy metals in plants and soil. The toxic effects of these metals, even though they do not have any biological role, remain present in some or the other form harmful for the human body. They sometimes act as a pseudo element of the body while at certain times they may even interfere with metabolic processes. Few metals, such as aluminum, can be removed through elimination activities, while some metals get accumulated in the body and food chain, exhibiting a chronic nature. Various public health measures have been undertaken to control, prevent and treat metal toxicity at various levels, such as occupational exposure, environmental factors and accidents. Metal toxicity depends upon the absorbed dose, the route of exposure and duration of exposure, i.e. acute or chronic. This can lead to various disorders and can also result in excessive damage due to oxidative stress induced by free radical formation. This study gives details about some heavy metals and their toxicity mechanisms, along with their health effects. The present study was designed to determine the Nickel (Ni) level in the soil samples collected from the industrial area-SIPCOT Cuddalore. Soil samples were collected from the different region in the vicinity of the industrial area, processed and the Ni content was analyzed using atomic absorption spectroscopy.

Keywords :

 Nickel, heavy metal, toxicity, SIPCOT, Cuddalore.


Article Info :

Received : November 11, 2017; Accepted : December 29, 2017.




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